The Phoenix Mercury proudly distributes complimentary game tickets via the Community Ticket Program to deserving organizations with initiatives focused on youth, education, community development, and diversity & inclusion throughout the State of Arizona. Community tickets have been purchased by generous donors through our Mercury Madness Sell-a-Thon to help create memorable experience for those who would not otherwise be able to enjoy a Phoenix Mercury game.

Game assignments are subject to availability. Please understand that we cannot guarantee that you will receive tickets to a specific game.


Each ticket is a revocable license that grants the holder admission to the game identified on the ticket. Transportation, parking, food and beverages WILL NOT be provided and are the responsibility of the organization making the request.


Tickets received through the Community Ticket Program, may not be resold by the recipient organization. If the Phoenix Mercury find, or have reason to believe that the recipient organization has resold, or attempted to resell tickets received through the Community Ticket Program, the Phoenix Mercury reserves the right to cancel the tickets, remove the organization from the program, and pursue all available remedies, including legal action.


All tickets donated through this program should be used. Each group’s ticket usage will be tracked after every game with an expectation of 100% show rate. Please make sure to scan your tickets upon entering the stadium. Failure to use at least 80% of tickets may cause the organization to forfeit its eligibility to receive donations from the Phoenix Mercury in the future, beginning immediately.


Requests received via mail, email, or telephone will not be accepted.


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